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2018 201 4WDrive - Mar/Apr

users will appreciate

users will appreciate the Patriot 6000’s rated line pull of 2,722 kg (6000 lbs.), a cable capacity of 30 metres (100 ft.) and gear reduction ratio of 90:1. Add the 5.5 hp motor and users enjoy a speedy line pull of 13.7 metres (45 ft.) per minute. “Some features to look for in a winch include the maximum line feed, how much load the winch will be under and how many spools of cable the winch can handle,” says McCullough. “Synthetic rope is also very popular right now over cable. Cable is still used, but it can get very tight, become abrasive and if it ever snaps, there’s nothing as dangerous as cable flying everywhere. But with the proper gear, a winch is something that is certainly worth having. It’s one of those items that if you don’t yet have one, you wished you did.” When McCullough isn’t competing on the off-road race circuit or scaling 100-foot cliffs in the middle of a Utah desert with Team Allsouth, he’s kept busy operating his company Allsouth Autosports in Buford, Ga. You can contact Jeff at With the Patriot 6000, other hardware included synthetic line from Bigfoot Winch Ropes and Factor 55’s Closed-Loop System UltraHook. Watch the video at https:// videos/900633610092547/ Ramsey Winch - Factor 55 - Moab, Utah, was the perfect backdrop to test the power of the Ramsey Winch. 14 Subscribe at

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