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2018 201 4WDrive - Mar/Apr



With fanfare, food and alcohol flowing freely at NAIAS 2018 in Detroit, Chevrolet gave us a closer look at the new Silverado. Using input from customers, Chevy developed the new Silverado to meet and exceed the expectations of truck enthusiasts. They didn’t do so by building one all-encompassing truck, but instead provided trim lines and power train options that resulted in almost 48 versions so each Chevy Silverado buyer gets exactly the features they need and want. Many of the details revealed were about the tail end of the truck, which for many of us is the business end. After all, you bought a pick-up truck not an SUV. The forceful embossed nameplate sits below the release for the power tailgate. Touch the button and it drops down gently - great when you’ve got both hands full and you want to open the tailgate with an elbow. You can also open it using the fob or hitting a button inside the cab. The tailgate also closes at the touch of a button. The built-in bumper step is enlarged to accommodate folks wearing a bigger boot, and this gets you into a truck bed that is now 6.5” wider, increasing the cargo volume in every truck bed length - the short box now has a volume of 63 cubic ft. And you can tie down everything you stack or drive into the bed using 12 fixed (double strength) and 9 movable tiedown points - a feature desired by truck enthusiasts. There are some very useful electronic features including task lighting and a 120V outlet in the back to make loading and working easier. Most remarkable is the two camera ports for towing. Diagrams on the covers show you where to place the cameras on your trailer - rear and side for great views from your dash. This is in addition to the built-in back up camera and light on either side of the tailgate release. You can also get storage boxes that fit over the wheel wells, which don’t prevent you from sliding in a 4x8 sheet of plywood, but do provide a relatively weatherproof and lockable box, large enough for fishing rods and rifles. This is not integrated into the truck body like a Ram box but an optional add-on. But that’s not all that’s larger than before. The wheelbase is up to 100 mm (3.9 in) longer and the overall length is 41 mm (1.6 in) longer, providing not just more cargo volume but also more interior room for all cab lengths. Crew cab models now offer an extra 7.62 cm( 3 in) of rear seat legroom for a total of 111 cm (43.8 in) of rear legroom to accompany the 113 cm (44.5 in) of front legroom. Volume 20/1 17

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