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2018 201 4WDrive - Mar/Apr

6) With the rear shafts

6) With the rear shafts removed and the drums taken off, we could screw the specially designed cutting tool onto the spindle and attach our drill. The carbide bit is tough-as-nails and some lube with patience were required. 7) Up front, the 30-spline Dana 44 open carrier had been released from it’s hold. The rust was a little disconcerting, but at this point, we risked it. With the 4.10 ring and pinion setup we had, the best course of action was remove the ring gear and get the cross shaft out. 8) “Hey Jeff, how’s it going drilling those spindles out? Never mind.” 9) In the front, the factory spider gears were tossed, and the Spartan was installed as per the instructions. Our last step was to drive the roll pin back into the carrier and through the new cross shaft. 10) It’s a good thing when you need an extra set of hands installing the front carrier. Typically, this shows there is still some preload on the carrier bearings. Remember to get the caps and races back in the original position for longevity. 11) A brass or rubber mallet will do the job getting the carrier back in place. Do not use the bolts and caps to pull it into position. 12) After a good 10 minutes of drilling, the discount 1/2” drill decided to let the smoke out. Again, a new plan of attack was required. A good point was brought up – if we could kill a drill in such a short time and we had much more to go, we may be better off with a rental. 13) As Jeff ran out for a drill for us to use, a delivery of a good, used open Dana 60 carrier arrived. As we were going to use the old ring and pinion on the new carrier, all we needed to ensure was that the backlash and bearing preload was within spec. Fingers crossed we would catch a break. 14) Same as the front, all the new components – including a fresh cross pin – are included in the kit. We assembled the locking pins and springs into the case halves (to begin with). 15) With the new case ready and the ring gear bolted on, we started inserting the plates in the proper order. Once they were in, we installed the cross pin, then pulled the small needles that keep the springs and locking pins together. 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 26 Subscribe at

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