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2018 201 4WDrive - Mar/Apr

16) The size and

16) The size and strength difference between the factory 30 spline and Yukon 35 spline shafts is immense. These shafts are a cut-to-length design, meaning we needed to make some measurements on the old shafts and mark them accordingly. 17) Jeff had returned with the expendable drill and went back at work drilling out the spindles. 18) Derek seemed to enjoy cutting the shafts down. Doing this on a lathe is better, but don’t even waste your time with a hacksaw, the steel is too hard. 19) The preload felt good and we had a backlash setting, which was within the Yukon’s specifications, so we were happy to torque the bearing caps back on. 16 17 18 19 28 Subscribe at

20 20) Realizing the front end had been done for an hour or so at this point, it turned into a team effort to get the rear finished while we still had some time for a test run. The freshly cut axle shafts were sealed up with a little silicone and slid home after the drums were placed back on the opened-up spindles. 21) You wouldn’t think that after being in a shop all day and reeking of gear oil, that we would want to get in the cab of a truck together, but wheelin’ changes people. The truck drove amazingly well on the street and now has lifealtering traction in the dirt. 21 Volume 20/1 29

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