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2018 201 4WDrive - Mar/Apr

After months of

After months of prepping, CVM Motorsports is geared up to take on the track. Here, the team is at the start of PRO UTV Class. day approaching, we began the trip to Phoenix, AZ, on November 5th to get our shocks tuned at Shock Therapy. Three days later, the other two chase trucks and one more trailer hit the road for the 2,700 km (1,677 miles) journey to Ensenada, Mexico. While the trip started out a little shaky as 10 new tires needed to be replaced on the way down, we finally made it to Ensenada. Just three days before the race, on November 13th, we registered and went through pre-tech and chassis inspection. Following the preliminary race procedures, we put the race car through 117 km (73 mi) of relentless punishment to test its worthiness. In the end, we were pleasantly surprised that we made it through some rough terrain to RM 73 without any issues. On November 15th, we got ready for contingency and final tech inspections, which also consisted of a big parade where all the registered teams celebrate with the locals, fans and other racers. November 16: Race Day! Our day began at 6 am as we loaded up the chase trucks and triple checked our race car. The start time for the PRO UTV Class was 2 pm and after one last meeting, we parted ways and our chase trucks headed to the assigned pits. With logistics in place, Dean was set to drive while his son Scott was co-driver for the first 605 km (376 miles). It’s times like this when last minute details go through your mind. “Did we properly torque the lug nuts? Are we really going to tackle the Baja 1000 with stock Yamaha A-Arms? Before we knew it, the green flag dropped, and CVM Motorsports started the first leg of the race. Day Shift Report from Co-Driver Scott Acton Dean and I were trying to calm ourselves down at the start line. The adrenaline flowed as we waited amongst the pack of idling engines and in no time, we were blasting along the first 10 miles over bridges, bypasses, and highways, which have been under construction for years. Most of this portion of the race has an official speed zone of 60 km/h (37 mph) and we were following another racer in our class with limited visibility due to heavy dust. The team ahead of us went slightly off course and ended up going nose first 40 Subscribe at

Tracie Paulus. Fellow BC racers, MGC Motorsports from Cache Creek BC. to meet our team at RM 364 for the driver change. The First Leg Recap The first leg was wild. Racers were stuck, some were rolled over, and a few were even out of the race completely due to mechanical issues. Our goal was to keep an average speed of 32 mph and drive smart. Dean and Scott managed to successfully drive from the west to the east coasts without any problems. When night fell, fatigue set in. As planned, a driver change at pit 3 found Mark behind the wheel with Trevor Davies as co-driver. Night Shift Report from Driver Mark Acton Trevor and I got in the car at 11 pm and took off to the Bay of LA along the Sea of Cortez. There were lots of cars and a lot of dust, and the race became a game of cat GETSOMEphoto over a 3.6-metre (12 feet) embankment. We managed a full stop by just a couple of feet before we would’ve plunged down there with them. Getting back on track, we held our own and found a steady pace to our first pit stop at race mile 20. With everything looking good, we headed north from the Mexican Federal Highway 3 onto the next leg. We made good time through RM 180 and RM 290, where a series of whoops awaited us. At RM 320, we turned off the unfinished highway and went through Calamujue Wash. This is a narrow winding canyon where wet sand and flora was torn up, as we put the Yamaha YXZ 1000R to the grind while clawing out of the arroyo. At RM 340, we came back to Mexican Federal Highway 1, then booked it down the adventure begins after dark never compromise LED Light Bars Choose from 7 unique series of LED Off-Road Light Bars. No other source offers as much versatility. LED Work Lights Auxiliary work lights with a variety of options and configurations that fit just about any need, anywhere. True off-roaders know when the sun goes down the adventure begins. Check out our broad selection of off-road lights for trucks, Jeeps, UTV's, ATV's or anything else you drive past where the pavement ends. 866-590-3533 Order by 1:00 p.m. CST for same day shipping LIFETIME WARRANTY LED Mini-Aux's Small in size with big light output. Mini Aux's are ideal for motorcycles, UTV's, ATV's and for use as driving lights. save 10 % Use Promo Code: 4WD2Q14 expires 10/31/14 Volume 20/1 41

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