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2018 201 4WDrive - Mar/Apr

Celebrating at the

Celebrating at the finish. Tracie Paulus and mouse. We pushed hard to pass whenever there was a decent amount of visibility and we ended up passing five cars. We knew RM 525 to 605 was going to be nasty with plenty of silt and rock. All we could do is close the visor, find the proper gear and power though the three-foot deep silt with limited visibility. Yet, it got worse. The morning fog off the Pacific Ocean was thick and the silt just caked onto everything. It even caused the radio and intercom to fail for more than an hour. At Pit 5, all hands were on deck. We had three chase trucks to perform inspections and the crew discovered the steering rack had about an inch of play. We quickly swapped it out for a replacement as we still had a long way to go. At this point, we did a driver change. Dean and Scott got back in the Yamaha YXZ 1000R to head down the Pacific Coast, south to Scorpion Bay. Day Shift Report from Co-driver Scott Acton: Once the Yamaha YXZ 1000R had been checked over and refueled, Dean and I began to tackle the next leg. The course turns southwest from Mexican Federal Highway 1 in San Ignacio towards the pacific village of San Juanico. Once on the coast, the course followed the headlands of the Baja Peninsula, southeast along a very fast beach track, providing the ideal time to eat up some quick kilometres. After the speedy beach rally, we went back towards the Sea of Cortez Coast via the small towns of La Purisima and San Isidro. We were soon back on Highway 1, heading south bound parallel to the course, heading for pit 6 and a co-driver change at RM 783. At this point, three quarters of the race was now behind us – it was just a matter of seeing how far we could go. Breaking Personal Records (and not the Vehicle) In the chase trucks, we could track where the race car was at all times. We noticed that CVM Motorsports broke their personal best record of passing through RM 664. Nonetheless, we didn’t start celebrating yet as the race was far from over. Past RM 664 is the one section we were very worried about. The Mexican Federal Highway 1 runs east over to the Sea of Cortez and the course was on the Pacific coast. If anything went wrong, it would be hard to get to the race car. Thankfully, Dean and Scott showed up to Pit 6 RM 785 with no issues, but they looked exhausted. The decision was made to put Brad Noakes in the codriver seat to keep Dean alert for the next 115 miles. During the evening, the lack of sleep was taking its toll on everyone. Dean and Brad arrived at Insurgentes at pit 7 where Mark and Trevor hopped back in the Yamaha YXZ 1000R to push towards the finish line. Night Shift Report from Driver Mark Acton: At this point, the race car was still tight, and the suspension felt great. We heard from friends that the last 234 miles were rough. There were three- to four- foot deep, trophy truck woops as far as the GPS could display. We wanted to go hard but if there was going to be any issues, we would experience it there. The toughest battle was always fatigue, but once we saw those lights of La Paz in the distance, our spirits changed. The feeling 42 Subscribe at

The crew at the finish line. CHASE TRUCK 1 – 3500 GMC John Paulus Tracie Paulus Craig Spooner CHASE TRUCK 2 – 2500 GMC Phil Figueiredo Curtis Warner Tracie Paulus Mark Acton The race-ready 2016 Yamaha YXZ 1000R. CHASE TRUCK 3 – 5500 GMC Hank Destree Missy Muncey DRIVERS Dean Acton Mark Acton CO-DRIVERS Scott Acton Trevor Davies Brad Noakes SPONSORS: Tensor Tires Method Race Wheels Concept Distributing Weller Racing S&B Filters Tube Works Baja Designs Lighting PCI Race Radios Fox Shock Therapy Baja North A&W Canada MGC Motorsports Zimmer Wheaton GMC Full Lotus Decks Sheridan Acton of hitting the asphalt on the outskirts of La Paz was amazing. Even at 2 am, locals were cheering us on. After 37 hours, nine minutes and eight seconds, we made it to the finish line and it was a pretty special feeling. After receiving our medals, we realized that we had just finished the Baja 1000 with no flat tires and minimal mechanical issues. While we were the first team to finish the Baja 1000 in a Yamaha YXZ 1000R, Team CVM Motorsports officially finished 5th in the PRO UTV Class and 145th overall. Enjoying a little R&R following the race. From the whole team at CVM Motorsports we would like to thank our family, friends, sponsors, and most importantly our chase crew for helping us tackle this monstrous race. Volume 20/1 43

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