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2018 201 4WDrive - Mar/Apr


REVIEW WORDS AND PHOTOS BY PERRY MACK TOUGH FormFit Guard Hood Protector You may have mounted bolt-on or bolt-on look fender flares, as I did to my 2004 Ram 1500. Maybe you did this just for the rugged look, but probably to help cover the larger tires you installed. You can now get the same rugged look in a hood protector with the Tough FormFit Guard. My Ram was retired after hitting 300,000 km and now there is a blue 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in the stable. The first 25,000 km have already put a few chips in the leading edge of the hood so I went looking for some protection. I stumbled across Focus Auto Design at SEMA 2017 and was stoked to see the bolt-on look hood protectors. After a quick chat, I was even more excited to hear they were a Canadian company out of Calgary that had been building hood protectors for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for over 20 years. The UV stable acrylic capped ABS hood guard was a solid piece of construction with the all-important ‘nodrill’ installation. I ordered one. 1 Installation takes roughly an hour and although it is not hard, I recommend you read the instructions once before you start and keep this mag handy as photos are always easier to understand than diagrams. You’ll need a tape measure, fine point sharpie (or sharp white crayon if your truck is dark), T45 Torx (or 7/32” allen key), #2 Phillips, a 21°C day or heated garage, a steady hand and, good but not necessary, a buddy who doesn’t chirp at you while you work. MSRP: $180 YouTube - https://youtu. be/8G6G6N7drds 46 Subscribe at

2 3 4 5 6 7 1. Wipe the hood down with the supplied surface wipes. If your truck is full of mud, wash it off first, including the underside of the hood lip. Using the measurements provided in the instructions, place bumpons on the hood. 2. Place the hood guard on the hood and wrap the (nearly invisible) abrasion pads around the hood lip at the points you see small holes in the guard. 3. Put together the bits that make up the hood edge clips and mount them on the guard. Make sure you put the hood lip into the small curved overhang on the clip, as opposed to crushing it onto the hood. 4. Centre the guard on the hood and loosely attach the clips to the hood. Don’t over tighten. A metal screw into a plastic part makes it easy to strip the plastic threads. 5. With the hood lined up, make a dot (don’t draw a circle) with a fine point sharpie through the large holes in the guard. This will be the centre of a target. If you have a dark coloured truck you’ll need good light and sharp eyes to see it, unless you have a sharp white pencil crayon to make your mark. 6. Loosen the screws on the clip and remove the guard from the hood. Grab the target template and tape strips. Centre the mark on the hood with the template and put tape on two edges. I tore my tape in half to make the strips easier to work with. 7. The pedestals are really solid parts. Peel off the red backing and position them on the hood to line up with your tape. Take your time as the 3M adhesive is super super strong (that’s super 2 ), and will be an absolute bitch to get off and move if you place one in the wrong spot. 8. Put the guard on the bumpons, line up the pedestals, re-hook the clips on the hood lip as in step 4, and then use the supplied Torx 45 stainless steel screws and plastic washers to mount the guard. Start with the centre and move outwards, then do the mounting clips - do not over tighten any of them! You are done. Now it’s time for an adult beverage while you sit back and admire the rugged, customized look of your truck. Volume 20/1 47

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