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2018 201 4WDrive - Mar/Apr

the front of the truck

the front of the truck to move the cab back on an angle. This allows more room to access the turbo up-pipe bolts. Removing the body-mount bolts just may be the toughest part of this job. These are just plain hard to turn – and they’re long. However, I did manage and got the front up to insert two 2x4 blocks between the body and frame at the front, outer corners. 5. Doing this requires removing anything that is connected between the body and frame first. 6. Having fun yet? It’s just getting started. Now that everything is loosened up and the cab raised, I could finally access the bolts on the back of the turbo. 7. The kit includes new gaskets and bolts for the turbo. However, since there isn’t room to use any big tools in there, I carefully worked with a brand new socket that was needed to get the bolts off (without rounding off the heads). 8. With everything disconnected the turbos can now be taken out. 9. Here’s how it looks so far. Next, remove the intake manifold, then finally the oil cooler. 10. Here is the Power Stroke 6.4L engine valley. It’s hard to 6 5 7 50 Subscribe at

8 believe, but I finally removed everything. At this point, we’re ready to install the Bulletproof Diesel products, and the instructions are step-by-step with images. 11. The Bulletproof Adaptor plate is the heart of the system. This will relocate a new OEM oil cooler and larger oil filter from out of the engine valley. The adaptor plate bolts on using original mounting bolts and new gaskets. 12. Once the BPD adaptor plate is installed, we can remount the fuel filter housing, the turbos, sensor wire connections, hoses and everything else. Here is the new BPD fuel filter cap. 12a. The Bulletproof Diesel parts are like works of art, rest easy knowing they’ll last a long time. 13. Here’s the new billet water pump installed. 10 9 11 12a 12 Volume 20/1 51

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