11 months ago

Team Dog Magazine

Virtual Magazine By Frida Mendez & Samuel Peña

TEAM DOG Cincinati

TEAM DOG Cincinati Bengals 2 0 2 A (1989,1982) Buffalo bills 4 0 4 A (91,92,93,94) San Diego chargers 1 0 1 A (1995) Tennessee titans 1 0 1 A (200) My two favorite teams are Steelers and Dolphins, the dolphins because they have Dan Marino and now they are so good, an the Steelers because my dad like it too much 10

TEAM DOG And I like American football because its so interesting to see how they catch the boll and also because my father played it. In here is an alphabet soup of the teams of American football if you got it all right you can win a ticket to see your favorite team playing, so… Good luck They are 32 teams found them all!! 11