11 months ago

Team Dog Magazine

Virtual Magazine By Frida Mendez & Samuel Peña



TEAM DOG FRIDA’S ARTICLE: THE DOGS Dogs have been called the best friend of the human. Many people love to have a pet, a pet is someone that helps you to be happy and also helps people with their house works. Many people prefer to have a dog as a pet because they are intelligent and they make you happy But a pet needs cares and love to be happy too. If you have a pet you need to give them food, walk them and take care of them, like giving them the vaccines that they need. In my experience , I think dogs are the most beautiful thing you can have in your life. I have a Great Dane called “Duque” and a Golden Retriever called “Bruno”. They cheer me when I’m sad and also they take care of me. I think dogs are a great company!!! 13