9 months ago

Team Dog Magazine

Virtual Magazine By Frida Mendez & Samuel Peña


TEAM DOG Dogs are a great company but there are things that if they eat they can also die. You need to be awake of this things: ª Onions and Garlic: They can get Anemia. ª Caffeine: They can die. ª Grapes and Raisins: can cause kidney failure. 14

TEAM DOG These things can kill your dog, so take care of him. Many people doesn’t want a pet because they think the dog can damage their children. So in this moment I will tell you the special breeds of dogs for children § Mastiff: It bands instantly with it’s family and loves to be around with it’s family. It needs a yard of around 4 mts. § Old English Sheepdog: This dog is considered affectionate and loving. It needs a big yard around 10 mts. § Golden Retriever: It loves to play with the children and it’s so intelligent It can live in an apartment or in a house. 15