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Elite Proposal Beta -- Internet Publishing Inc..pdf

Internet Publishing Inc. PROPOSAL PRICING SUMMARY QPC PRICING ASSUMPTIONS Plan Name AMOUNT Internet Publishing Inc. Number of Participants with Account Balance 300 Plan Assets – Estimated $10000000 Annual Contributions – Estimated $1000000 Recordkeeper Platform VOYA PLAN DOCUMENT & SETUP FEES - (FIRST YEAR) AMOUNT PLAN DESIGN & SETUP FEE $1,750 Includes: SAMPLE SAMPLE Standard or non-standard plan document Document Consultation Summary plan description Adoption Agreement Corporate Resolution Admin documents reflecting plan provisions IRS determination letter TAKEOVER FEE $1,000 SAMPLE INITIAL PLAN DOCUMENT FEE $1,750 SUB TOTAL $4500 14 | P a g e

Internet Publishing Inc. PROPOSAL PRICING SUMMARY (CON’T) SAMPLE ANNUAL ADMINISTRATION FEES AMOUNT Number of Participants with account balance (estimated) 300 Participant annual charges ($25 per ppt.) $7500 Base annual administration $2,000 Sub Total Annual Fees SUB-TOTAL First Year Fees Less Rev Share (if any) TOTAL First Year Fees $9500 $9500 SAMPLE $30000 $-16000 QPC SAMPLE 15 | P a g e

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