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Top Trends in 2018 for Internet Marketing

The year 2018 has just begun, but there are already plenty of internet marketing trends to take note of. Let's take a look at four of these trends.

Top Trends in 2018 for Internet

Top Trends in 2018 for Internet Marketing Today, companies can’t survive without some form of digital marketing. This is because the internet is a lucrative marketplace that allows businesses to reach customers around the globe instantly. However, having a website and online presence isn’t enough for success. Marketing efforts must also be moved to the online arena, but, often, successful marketing efforts are measured by marketing trends. These trends can change from year to year, especially in the digital world. The year 2018 has just begun, but there are already plenty of online marketing trends to take note of. Below are four of these trends. Behavioral and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing is on the Rise Currently, marketing platforms can collect and store information about user browsing patterns, site usage, content preference and search history. This helps marketers target users by only providing them with relevant information and products that match their interests. But, this will evolve in the future, and AI or machines will be able to make marketing decisions. AI software will be able to start and stop marketing campaigns, design custom copy and build segments from analyzed data. Ultimately, behavioral and AI marketing combined, will bring businesses closer to their customers. By only showing customers what they want to see, marketers make their campaigns more effective and engaging. Advertising Formats that Bypass Ad-Blocking Technology Ad-blocking technology is good for consumers, but bad for marketers. This technology and software causes businesses to lose a lot of money in ad revenue. However, some ad platforms have found ways to shut down ad-blockers. For example, Facebook disables ad-blocking technology, allowing marketers to display their advertisements to their entire targeted audience. With technology like this, your advertising and marketing efforts and dollars won’t be wasted. In the end, this will make social media advertising more successful.

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