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What to Avoid in Yale Personal Statement Writing

Take a look at this article and discover what are main things to avoid in Yale personal statement writing and what is prohibited.


What to Avoid In Yale Personal Statement Writing In the process of perfecting, planning and writing your personal statement, what shouldn’t be included is just as important as what should be included. By now, you already know that your personal statement should have all great content minus grammatical errors. However, these are not the only mistakes that can interfere with your application process. Main mistakes to avoid in Yale personal statement writing Here are common mistakes to avoid when writing a cornell law personal statement​: - Not saying why you want to join the school Many people skip this critical part because they think their reasons for applying are obvious. But what you need to know is that the admission committee is not mind readers. There is no doubt that your reasons for applying are similar to those of many applicants. This is especially true for those who are applying to a

graduate school. Nonetheless, making this declaration is a crucial part of expressing your interest and passion in the school. - Not saying what makes you an exceptional applicant You need to explain to the admission committee why they should choose you in your cornell law school personal statement​. This means what you will contribute and also your ability to take advantage of everything that the school program has to offer. - Rushing your personal statement A great personal statement takes time and effort. Although you might work under pressure, believing that you can write a good essay on the deadline day is not realistic. If it happens that you are wrong, you will have wasted your time in making an application and also the time of recommenders. You should expect to go through the process of reviewing, brainstorming and writing. - Making your personal statement your CV in narrative format Chances are that you have a few important accomplishments and you could be tempted to cast a wide net when writing personal statement with the hope that at least one thing you write about will catch the attention of the reader. Your cornell personal statement should however be about trying to pack a lot in your essay will probably make it seem superficial. - Going for “Big” rather than “Meaningful”

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