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AAVI ® 1000 AIR PURIFIER FOR INDOOR SPACES - 1000 m 3 /h Simply Clean Air In the engine room On the roof AAVI ® IonJet1000 AAVI ® IonJet1000 is an air purifier for particle cleaning and air disinfection. It is meant for residential, office and light industrial use. Its applications are variable, such as food and beverage industry, hospital laundries, pharma warehousing and metal workshops also spaces like offices, halls, lobbies, waiting rooms, shops, etc. AAVI ® IonJet1000 is based on a unique AAVI ® technology, which is patented worldwide. The AAVI ® technology removes small particles from indoor air all the way to the nano-sized impurities. It also removes bacteria and fungi as well as trafficoriginated soot. AAVI ® IonJet1000 can handle large quantities of dust. AAVI ® IonJet1000 cleaning unit can be situated indoors, in the engine room or outdoors, like roof. The AAVI ® technology doesn´t need any filters, which brings the benefit of non-clogging and inexpensive consumables as well as constant cleaning capacity. Hence AAVI ® provides a sustainable solution with low operating costs and high efficiency as well as reliability. AAVI ® IonJet1000 has a fully automated 24/7 operation and a self-cleaning system. AAVI ® IonJet1000 can be connected to all standard ducts, thus avoiding the need of a waste container tank. AAVI ® IonJet 1000 air cleaning capacity 1000 m 3 /h

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