3 months ago

263 Casting Directors On Twitter - Amy Jo Berman 2018 v.1


NAME HANDLE STATUS* Valerie Mccaffrey @valmc0513 Active Valorie Massalas @Valorie27 Active Venus Kanani @venuskanani Active Veronica C. Rooney @VeronicaCRooney Not Active Vickie Thomas @VickiethomasWWJ ‏ Active Victor Jenkins @verbalictor Active Victoria Burrows @VBurrowsCasting Active Wendy O’Brien @wobjaws Active Wittney Horton @hortoncasting Active Yesi Ramirez @Yesi_Casting Not Active Yolanda Guillen @YoliGuillen Not Active *Active/Not Active since December 2017

CONCLUSION There you have it. 281 Casting Directors you can reach out and connect with directly so you can create relationships and get more auditions, opportunities and acting jobs…without battling gatekeepers. If you’re serious about working consistently as an actor, it’s time to reach out and connect so you can start getting more auditions and opportunities NOW. Oh, and if you’re not sure what to say or tweet to them, you’re going to want THIS.