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BFHA Newsletter 17 2018 (002)

BFHA Newsletter 17 2018

Newsletter : Friday 9th February 2018 We have had a superb week at Bilsthorpe. School has been a hive of activity as you can see from all our WOW moments. Each class has a new challenge for attendance with the promise of some superb prizes. We have been hit by the dreaded sick bug this week and had lots of children off poorly. Can I remind you tummy bugs are very contagious and we need 48 hours clear of diarrhoea and vomiting before the children return to school. Next week we have some exciting events happening, wear read to school day for British Heart foundation, Kindness day and we are celebrating Chinese New Year. What a fantastic way to end a brilliant term. Mrs I. F o u n d a ti o n W O W S Wow moments Preschools wow moment this week has to be the Childrens ability to use a knife and fork . We made play dough food, got out the kitchen cooker and utensils and practiced our knife and fork skills and really impressed each other so much so next week we will have a go with real food . F1—One of the children drew a picture of a planet and told me it was Saturn . We have been decorated hearts and telling the teachers who we love. We have made our own porridge just like the 3 bears . F2—Goldilocks visited F2 classroom and broke a chair. We measured her footprints and made wanted posters. One of the children chose to write about their friend on our kindness hearts. We made fantastic lego chairs for baby bear. K e y s t a g e 1 W O W s Year 1—have been very impressive with their counting in 2's and 5's. Year 1 have done a great job at innovating The Little Red Hen and creating a new story. I can't wait to read all their stories when they are all written up properly next week. Y e a r 2 — The children in Year 2 have written some lovely stories about weddings. Year 2 have produced some fantastic artwork linked to Safer Internet Day. Alfie and George read 6 times at home, Well done! Key stage 2 WOWS Year 3 - Created some fantastic drama and shared key information on keeping safe online during E-safety day. Shwon great perseverance in there math’s this week and created some fantastic adventure stories. Year 4— Beginning of fractions topic. All children worked hard and have shown great perseverance in a tricky new topic. BBC super movers. everyone in our class has embraced the new super movers songs we listen to regularly to practice various skills such as times tables. For take ten today they chose to practice their 8 times tables! Year 5— Our Arctic display in the classroom which has our persuasive letter writing alongside amazing pieces of artwork. The continued enthusiasm shown by the children on our theme of recycling. This week we have been writing to Tesco to request they increase the recycling opportunities on offer . Year 6 -Writing on tables to improve our work before creating amazing newspapers! Maths we had a smarty party and a cocktail party to help us to understand ratio. We were left on the edges of our seats following the penultimate chapter of our class text…the question is ‘does the main character survive’? Attendance Our award this week goes to year 4 with 95.5% Our school attendance this week is 90% Our school attendance so far this year is 94.1% this is below target.

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