11 months ago

Our Insiders Guide to Candidasa & Eastern Bali

Candidasa and eastern Bali has the most natural beauty on Bali, combined with great beaches, interesting sights and plenty of history. Our Insiders Guide will help you with what you shouldn't miss.



One of our favourite things to see on Bali are the ceremonies that are part and parcel of everyday life for any Balinese. Below are the three main ceremonies that happen each year, but there are literally hundreds more, as well as cremations, weddings, blessings etc. If our staff are aware of ceremonies happening in the area they like to make our guests aware of them, as they are so amazing to see. GALUNGAN 30 MAY 2018 & 26 DECEMBER 2018 Galungan happens twice a year - every 210 days. It celebrates the creation of the universe and the victory of good against evil. The festivities last for 10 days and culminate in the Kuningan celebration. However the preparations begin long in advance, and Galungan activities will be obvious all over the island on the days preceding it. KUNINGAN 9 JUNE 2018 & 5 JANUARY 2019 Ten days after the start of Galungan, festivities come to an end with Kuningan, which celebrates purification. On that day, the ancestors’ souls leave their family’s temple after the celebrations of Galungan and beautiful offerings are made for the ancestors as they leave.

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