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Our Insiders Guide to Candidasa & Eastern Bali

Candidasa and eastern Bali has the most natural beauty on Bali, combined with great beaches, interesting sights and plenty of history. Our Insiders Guide will help you with what you shouldn't miss.


MELASTI - NYEPI 14 MARCH 2018 Melasti is a purification ceremony, where the world is cleansed of sin and bad karma. Entire communities march to the sea for purification - an amazing sight of parasols, flags and Balinese dressed all in white. Inland, there are big celebrations at all the local temples. OGEH-OGEH 16 MARCH 2018 This incredible sight happens on Nyepi Eve. Local communities build very large effigies to scare the bad spirits away. It is great fun and, if you drive through the countryside on the day before Nyepi, you can see the finishing touches being put to the statues in the villages. That night the monsters are paraded and then burned at a central point. NYEPI 17 MARCH 2018 Nyepi must be the world’s most chilled celebration of the New Year. It is observed as a day of silence where nobody (tourists included), is allowed to leave their home (or hotel – but you can still use the facilities). The TV stations don't broadcast, the airport is closed and there is a general shutdown from 6am until 6am the next day. Any outdoor activity is policed and you can be fined quite heavily. The reason for all this? Firstly, this day of calm gives Mother Earth a much-needed chance to reboot after 364 days of activity. And secondly, the evil spirits come down to earth on this day and, when they see Bali completely deserted, they leave again for another year.

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