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all their background

all their background lines on one line, usually horizontal. The images shows how different lines can be set, the drawings represent a bird's eye view of the mosaicists. 19

The Rules in Roman mosaics It is a little known fact that the Roman mosaicists worked to a set of ‘rules’ which governed the way they set the tesserae. These rules were to stop there being any area of the mosaic that would look out of place. They wanted the whole mosaic to ‘flow’, to have, visually speaking, no hard or discordant areas. There were eight rules. We will just look at one, the Borderline rule, as this best explains it. The Borderline rule Look at any object in a Roman mosaic and you will see a line of the background colour tesserae around the figure. The reason for this is, as a horizontal line of tesserae hits the diagonal line (see the drawing below) you need to cut triangle shape pieces on both sides. You always try to avoid lines of triangles opposing each other where colours change in a mosaic as they create, visually speaking, a sharp line. Where there are no triangle cuts needed such as on vertical sections the the line is ‘soft’. 20

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