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away all the triangle

away all the triangle cuts which takes away the sharp line. These rules can be seen in all Roman mosaics, look, find them and we can get a little closer to the work of these ancient craftsmen. 23

Terms Emblemata – a mosaic made separately on a tile of terracotta, marble or other material and inserted into a recess in the floor. These can be very fine figural scenes or quite simple geometric patterns Guilloche – typical Roman border pattern. This can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 strand Pozzolan – Roman cement mix. Volcanic rock ground up and mixed with lime. Different areas used different substances to mix with the lime if they did not have volcanic rock. Strand - a lot of patterns are made up of strands. Lines of tesserae banded together. Usually there is a line of black on either side of lines of colour. Tesserae - a single mosaic tile, tesserae is the latin term. All images, drawings and text copyright Lawrence Payne 2017 24

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