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Black Days Libretto


SCENE 5 - BETRAYAL (Father and son are walking in a forest) CHILD I don’t like it here. This forest is scary. And I am tired of walking, I want to stop! FATHER Be patient, my dear. Hold my hand and keep your voice down as we keep the speed up. CHILD This feels like a dream. FATHER I hear something. Shh. (They hide to observe. A person is coming towards them, looking a bit «off», possibly not quite right in his head. They evaluate eachother, deciding it’s safe to start a conversation) FATHER Hello. From the look of it we must be out in the same business: staying alive while fleeing? STRANGER Do you have something to eat? (coming closer, eagerly, almost ready to go through their things himself) FATHER Be calm, my friend. We’ll share what we have. I’m afraid that it’s not a meal for kings. STRANGER If the king got hungry enough, he would eat like us. FATHER (Unpacking and finding some food, gives it to the stranger) STRANGER No, this world is no longer the same. We had forgotten that such things could happen, that justice could be broken. 8

FATHER I saw a little girl. She had the patient expression of a child who is accustomed to suffering. Generously, she offered us bread and human kindness. It broke my heart. STRANGER Generosity is a wasted nobility in our time. The time seems endless yet short. I see an endless flow of fleeing people, what do they travel for? Hope? Here is hope enough to kill even the strongest. FATHER Still, let’s not forget the value of meeting kindred hearts like yours. (The stranger seems eager to leave) FATHER Are you going already? STRANGER Evil spirits fill these woods. They sense your fear and feeds on souls no longer good. (turn around and leaves) (Father and child has shared their food with a hungry stranger, who has just parted with them and they are saying goodbye to the person leaving. SUGGESTION: This person doesn’t need to be seen, maybe the diminishing footsteps from him going into the woods are heard, maybe he has his own kind of Leitmotif? Or the scene could be played out in full with a non speaking role as the stranger) FATHER (towards where the person left the scene) Goodbye, stranger! (Waving) Goodbye, I wish you luck on your journey. FATHER (To the child, but really talking more to himself) How wonderful to meet a friend again. To feel some humanity and cohesion for a change. Sharing a meal, however small, helps us to remember that it’s human we are. Kindness and compassion is in shortage in this time of need. Generosity is not a wasted nobility in our time. It is what we need to hold on to, in order to stay human, not become monsters like them. Pass on the goodness to the people you meet. Remember this, child. Kindness and love is what matters above all. (Some time passes as they are resting. The child keeps himself active: fiddling with the rests of his Teddy, trying to put it together again. He gives up, walks around a little. He finds a 9

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