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Black Days Libretto

SCENE 8 - The child dies

SCENE 8 - The child dies (Father and son still sitting outside the church) FATHER How do you feel, my son? CHILD (very sick, mumbling feverishly, clearly very confused, having hallucinogenic visions before he dies) Don't cry, I'm coming. Mother, mother! Look! I am safe in my fathers arms. FATHER Yes, you are! CHILD (looking straight at his father for a moment) We’ll get the time we get. (looks away) There are stars for me to follow. Soon the sun will rise and keep him warm. Father, she’s here! Mother! I feel no hunger anymore, no thirst. I have stopped bleeding. There's no more pain. See, I am happy. Mother, father, I am free. Don't cry. (Dies) FATHER My child, my son, my dear! I knew you would survive! I hold your hand, so very much alive, but your hands are so cold. (Father holding hard, stroking the child, warming by blowing hot air on the childs hands) I’ll warm you. We have to hide, the soldiers are still looking for us. You are tired, so rest now. 14

SCENE 9 - the end (both the Father and the Despot is on the scene at the same time seeing this situation from their different view points) DESPOT Come, my friends! See what we have created! Behold the world, it will soon belong to us. The dust will settle and the people have no choice but to accept their fate. The fragrance of fear, as beautiful as the scent of any flower. It will feed our strength and joy. (The father probably understands that the child is dead, but because of the extremeness of his situation his mind alters his perception of reality. He thinks he hears the child respond, and eventually hallucinates his dead wife being alive) (Father and son are sitting down. SUGGESTION: While the father holds his dying son, the singer wraps the child actor in a blanket, but inside the blanket, he paints the childs face white and changes the clothes into something completely white to indicate to the audience that the child now in reality is dead. Then the child plays out the same movements from scene 5: making a hopscotch pattern and jumping, walking around, playing with sticks and stones or something like that) FATHER Are you cold? hungry? (Wraps his son in a blanket, adjusting and brushing dirt off the childs clothes, tidying his hair, and face, then starts preparing a meal) Good. Have some more, you’ll feel better soon. (Speaking like he has a conversation with the child, only we cannot hear the childs answers.) Oh, so you think we're almost there? You recognize that hill? Then we're almost home, we will survive! The war must be over now. Your clothes are falling apart. Soon you'll have new clothes, new shoes, no, three pairs of new shoes. I will buy for you a new teddy. Yes, you're right. It’s over now. The war is over. 15

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