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Black Days Libretto

DESPOT Our enemies are

DESPOT Our enemies are screaming beautiful arias of death anxiety and pain. No sound is more pleasing than a dying man's shriek. No marching band drums more steadily than our cannons. Enjoy the sight, enjoy the sound, enjoy the sweet perfume called «eau de burning world». Cheers to us. FATHER I am so tired and sick. But I will carry you until we're there. We will be alright, I am glad this is almost over. We are winning the war. I wish I had a trumpet and a flag. When we get home, your mother will be there freshly baked bread with butter and jam. (***) At last, the sweetness of her kiss. I miss her so. DESPOT Let us raise our crystal for a tribute to ourselves! To our heroic deeds! To our courage! Our decisiveness and bravery! This golden fluidum bubbles just for us! We slaughter the infidels. Cheers to the falling bombs! FATHER I wish I had some champagne to celebrate our victory. I would not drink it, but devoutly water the dead soil with it, wash the land alive again, gently plow it moist and fertile. I wish I had some seeds to plant in our dead and dry garden. The whirling dust tastes of lost future, but it isn't true! We won the future! You're safe and sound. Hurts are healed, no more blood. Look at you, running round feisty like a week old foal. (The child is lying completely still and dead, but the father sees the child playing: Making another hopskotch and jumping). FATHER And you my wife, my dear! You are here! Finally we join together after what was such a horrible ordeal. A family together, an eternal bond of love. You look as young and beautiful as the day I met you. And here you are, my dove. DESPOT & FATHER Victory! Hear the fireworks of celebration! We have lost a lot, but won our freedom Hear the drums of victory approach! 16

We have won our future Here comes our triumphant victorious parade! Hurrah hurrah! My heart is proudly beating We are tough and worthy, we are never giving up. Hurrah, we won. We won. (Bombs are falling, soldiers surrounding the father and child) THE END. * From the hymn "A mighty fortress is our God", Text: Martin Luther ** From the poem "Du må ikke sove" ("Dare not to sleep"), Arnulf Øverland *** Hommage to Samuel Steinmann, Samuel_Steinmann 17

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