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Black Days Libretto

INTRO DESPOT You elected

INTRO DESPOT You elected me You really had no choice. Haha! My heart is full of passion My hate is beautiful it covers everything I cannot feel. I will neither feel compassion, sympathy, nor friendship. I am excited to insane rage. You shall love me! Fear me! Worship me, I am a divine being! My victims must admire me! You shall love me! 2

SCENE 1 - The despot speaks to his crew DESPOT Do you remember how it was before? Gone were all the glorious uniforms. We had no masters to look up to. Our leaders were weak and soft hearted. We had no power. No glory. They laughed at me. But now? I rule! How did I do it, you ask? Easy. A layer of human wrecks prepared the ground. A few families ruled. We helped the rich become even richer - and silent. The survival of the richest! The state grew larger, blinder and more unjust. Those at the top - the ruling caste - they have more than they need. They can calmly observe life running its natural course. And now, our former leaders… Hear me! DESPOT Hear! The echo of hate is howling Hear! The sound of absolute power You cannot ignore me now! Our nerves are roaring! My army is coming Armored fists and blood and iron. Sweet dreams of revenge Enjoy the beauty of execution 3

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