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Black Days Libretto

CHILD Why are we

CHILD Why are we running, father? SCENE 2 - Escape FATHER Come, let's go. We need to get away. CHILD Where is mother? I want my mommy! FATHER She will meet us later… FATHER We have lost everything All these fates Lost and gone Lying silently in the ground Vanished We walk and walk One kilometer equals thousand steps I count and count Peace sleeps like a morning never broken 4

SCENE 3 - The despot brags about how he came to power DESPOT If you want to conquer the world, here's the recipe: To conquer the world is easy! All you need is a bowl - let’s call it the world Add to the mix: 1 part general fear 1 part dark superstition 1 part numbing mindless entertainment Then you burn the books force the arts to be un-dangerously shallow Add more horror and fright Blame it all on the ones who cannot defend themselves. Add ruthlessness and border control. Add weapons. Let it boil until the funeral meal is done Voilà! DESPOT Back are all the brilliant uniforms! Together we scrape off the people all their individuality. We deny them more and more of their freedom for the benefit of a great and wonderful future. Fanatically, ruthlessly we kill the paralyzed ones still in doubt between the hereditary enemy and the former friend. We have learned to kill and steal from other nations their lands and goods. 5

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