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Black Days Libretto

SCENE 4 - The teddybear

SCENE 4 - The teddybear and the dog (Father and son resting somewhere) FATHER We must be dreaming Will there ever be a new year? A year without bombs? Will the next summer even come? Such a lazy summer that we so desperately need The new summer awaits Deep inside that dream that we must be dreaming I cannot believe what I see We must have been dreaming For far too long This reality has become too big I want to wake up CHILD (playing with his teddybear) I love you. Together we are not afraid, even when it’s dark. I want my mother. I wonder where she is. It’s good that I have you, now that she is gone. I love when we play together you and I, you are my best friend. FATHER Does Teddy feel alright? Has he finished his lunch? CHILD Yes, father, he says that he liked the bread. FATHER Is Teddy very scared? CHILD No, he is not afraid at all. He is a big boy now. But he could need some stitches on his neck, do you think mommy can repair him? FATHER Um. Yes.. I guess. CHILD Oh, Teddy. You are soft and nice, you always say such funny things, you make me laugh. When I cannot sleep at night you hold my hand with your paw and let me rest my head on your tummy. And then you sing and tell me stories until I sleep. I love you. 6

(A dog suddenly appears, sniffing around looking for food. SUGGESTION FOR SCENIC SOLUTION: The child actor could sit with the back to the audience, pressing some device that makes barking sounds. He can then hide the Teddy and produce some Teddy-insides to spread onto the scene.) FATHER Hey, there’s a dog! I’m so sorry dog, I only have a little piece of bread left. Here you are. (Giving it to the dog, which wolfs down the food and continues to lurk around) CHILD You look so thin and dirty, dog, but you have pretty eyes. Come here, can I feel your fur? Do you want to say hello to Teddy? (Holding out the teddybear and trying to pet the dog) FATHER Be careful! (The dog grabs the teddy in a tug of war-fight ripping the old, worn teddy to pieces. The teddy's stuffing spreads all over, and the dog disappears) FATHER Oh, no!! (The child runs towards the rest of the teddy, trying to put the few pieces back together) CHILD Teddy! No! Bad dog! Teddy! Come back! (Throwing himself into his fathers arms crying heavily) FATHER (Holding the wailing child) Oh, dear child. This is too much. I am so sorry that I didn’t chase the dog away. All of this is simply just too much. Is there no end to all this suffering? FATHER Goodbye There is no hope no more We can all feel it Goodbye beams from every eyes Goodbye burdens every heart Will we ever meet again? Goodbye people Goodbye friends Goodbye my love (father and son collects their things and walks on) 7

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