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BCF Newsletter Jan 2018 10022018

Gavin shared his story

Gavin shared his story of how he found Christ from drugs, burglary and a time in prison. Lorna talked about how God guided her to take on a foster child with learning challenges and how he has become integrated in Church as a Christian. Ethan (who incidentally is the grandson of Les & Brenda Evans) explained how he became a Christian. We had a wonderful “bring and share” event at Pete and Pats Villa with music and games and the group enjoyed a trip to the Cumbre Fire Station, arranged by Eric our “BCF” Bombero (volunteer firefighter). We arranged a fellowship breakfast at Scallops, which was heartily enjoyed by all and the mission team kindly took leading roles in both our 7​ th Anniversary event and the also Sunday service just before they returned to the UK on 24​ th​ . Pete and Pat and their mission team deserve our lasting thanks for their contribution to the work at BCF. We are aware how much prayer and preparation goes into these programmes and we were so blessed to have had them with us. A big thank you to the team and to Glynis for organising the event. We hope to have another mission sometime in 2019. BCF 7​ th​ Anniversary On Sunday 16​ th​ July BCF held our 7​ th​ anniversary service followed by a celebration evening on 19​ th​ July. The Sunday service featured greetings from members and friends across the UK, the Next Step Mission participated with prayers and hymns were chosen by the congregation. The mission team, our friends from Denia Salvation Army and the Mayor of Benitachell attended the celebration evening. Pastor Steve, from Javea International Baptist Church, who attended with his wife joined Peter, Dave Cannon and Eric in the music line up. It was such an enjoyable time of praise and worship, giving thanks to God for 7 years of existence for Benitachell Christian Fellowship. We are so grateful to the Lord for His encouragement and for the support and messages of so many friends, past and present, near and far, who have all contributed to the work for God’s glory. Our prayer for our eighth year is that we will lead more people to the Lord. Socials The appointment of a social secretary – Maureen Burrows has been a great success, suitably aided by Christine Edmunsen. Last year we worked hard at developing the Fellowship activities with regular midweek Fellowship and social events. Groups from BCF have also been pleased to support other events including: the Thanksgiving event at Camp Saron with the Salvation Army; and an acoustic guitar evening 6​ | ​Page

featuring Eric Henshaw and Peter Adams; the Gospel Choir at the Fisherman’s church Javea; and the English Choir concert in which Sue Hunton participated. Events are already being planned for 2018. Worship Amongst many, there is one great feature of the Fellowship - the varied style and content which comes from visiting preachers for our services and mid-week Fellowship. A big thank you to all our preachers including: Phillip and Valerie Laver; David and Irene Jones; Roger and Sue Hunton; Greg and Sue Walton; Berte - Marie Ulvesteter; Mandy Churcher and Alan Robertson and John Adamson from Benidorm English Church. Peter Adams also helped to lead the worship occasionally at Benidorm English church. Prayer Chain Another new intuitive which started during 2017, the Prayer Chain is coordinated by Deacon Lorraine Henshaw. On the chain 21 members are praying for 22 people and is a very well received BCF service. As you may know, Ann and Peter’s New Year started joyfully with a phone call from South Korea in the early hours from their son Simon, and his Korean wife, Rachel. Rachael had been severely injured in a traffic accident which might have killed her. She had received state-of-the-art treatment in Korea for eight months and nothing could stop the extraordinary pain which prevented her from walking or sitting at tghe piano, which was her living. Depressingly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Rachel was taken to spend Christmas at a Christian retreat centre in Thailand, where they extended their stay for two days - just long enough to meet an Anglo-American family with a 10 -year-old son with the gift of healing. Prayers were said and Rachel arose the next morning completely cured! Peter wrote “Rachel struggled, against logic perhaps, to travel to Thailand for a holiday in the sun; they found no sun but still decided to stay on just long enough to meet with a small boy .... Don’t let anyone tell you that was a coincidence!” The good news has been circulated in many different countries, where it has been read in churches and in family homes where it has imported believers and non believers. So we are starting the New Year praising the Lord and hope that everyone connected with BCF will be lifted by this wonderful TRUE story. Prayer works, so if you are not on our prayer chain to either pray for people in need or to request prayer for yourself or someone you know , Lorraine Henshaw ( ​​ ) would be very pleased to include you. 7​ | ​Page

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