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Feast Bay Area Morning Bulletin for Feb 10, 2018

LOUD Series Talk 2: Expression

Feast Bay Area Morning Bulletin for Feb 10,

BAY AREA AM 02.11.2018 Philippine International Convention Center TALK 2: EXPRESSION HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL… THERE are many things in life that you cannot control. You cannot control whether the sun will rise tomorrow or not. But you can control whether the sun will rise in your heart tomorrow. You cannot control who will sit beside you at The Feast. That sweet, smiling woman beside you may be a psychopathic serial killer who has killed 87 persons. You can’t control that. What can you control? That you won’t be a psychopathic serial killer who will kill 87 persons. You cannot control your favorite telenovela — who will fall in love with whom and who will die. But one of the things we can control is what we attract in our life. In a very profound sense, we have the ability to attract love or hatred, wealth or poverty, blessing or curse, happiness or misery. How? You attract what you focus on. May your dreams come true, BO SANCHEZ TIM felt loved every time his father smiled at him. Even when he made mistakes, as long as his dad smiled at him, he felt loved. When Tim tripped on the table and a precious vase fell and smashed to pieces, his dad smiled and said, “Please watch where you’re going next time.” When Tim came home one day with a bad report card, his dad smiled and said, “Please study harder next time.” When Tim traveled to Europe, he accidentally lost his passport and all his money. He quickly emailed his dad and his dad replied, “Please be WHEN I SEE YOU SMILE careful with your belongings next time.” Tim felt different but didn’t know why. He responded, “Dad, I feel like I’ve let you down.” His dad replied back, “Son, just because you don’t see my smile doesn’t mean that I’m disappointed in you. From now on, when you read an email or text from me, even if I’m correcting you, you need to imagine me with a smile on my face while sending it because that’s how I always feel about you.” Love always wears a smile. The problem is, some parents have a hard time expressing their love to their child because of the generation gap. So instead of wearing a smile, love comes with a different face. But what if all it takes to fill the gap is to imagine your parents wearing a smile on their face, even when they’re correcting you, because that’s how they truly feel about you. Always. Today, I pray that you learn how to express yourself to your loved ones. In Him, AUDEE VILLARAZA FBA Bulletin 021118.indd 1 2/8/2018 11:34:34 PM

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