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Short Story 1 by GG

due to internal

due to internal bleeding. When she heard the sound of the shotgun being loaded, Lisa yelled to the man in one last effort to save her life, “Please! I didn't mean to cut you off! I am so sorry!” Her attention was quickly diverted from the man by the now visible flames coming from the engine. Lisa yelled, “NO!” as the flames worked their way closer to the passenger compartment with each passing second. She unbuckled her seat belt and attempted to crawl out of the now broken driver’s side window of her upside down car. Although in tremendous pain from the crash and fearing the crazy shotgun man, she tried to move but something was holding Lisa back from leaving her seat. She looked at her right leg and saw that a jagged plastic piece of the dashboard about seven inches long had lodged into her right thigh, with the other end still attached to the rest of the dashboard. Tears ran down her face as she said, “Grandma, I love you. Mom, I may be seeing you soon.” Lisa felt she was about to pass out, but mustered up enough energy to one last time, try to free herself from at least the burning car. She took a deep breath and leaned hard towards the driver’s window area hoping her bodyweight would help free her leg. Her leg moved a few inches towards freedom but she could not get her leg completely free. At this point the flames had entered the cabin, and Lisa burned her left hand as she swatted the flames away from her face. She thought of giving up, and the pain level and exhaustion told her to, but only for a moment. Despite the extreme pain, she tried one last time, pulling away from the dashboard as hard as she could, screaming in tremendous pain, but freeing her leg and rolling through the window onto the ground. She rolled away from her car, ending up on her back on the dirt hillside. The flames rapidly engulfed the interior, and in a matter of seconds, the whole car was on fire. The excessive bleeding from her leg injury coupled with internal bleeding caused Lisa to shake uncontrollably from the onset of shock. Lisa heard the crazed man’s footsteps get closer as the leaves and small plants underfoot got stepped on. The man got to within twenty feet of Lisa and shouted in an angry tone, “You will never cut anyone off again!” Lisa looked to the right and saw one of her flip flops in the dirt, thirty feet away. She looked to the other side and noticed the bag of Grandma’s medication laying in the dirt a few feet away. The site of the medication gave Lisa a little energy, and hope, but she had nowhere to run, even if she wasn’t injured. She was shaking so hard her teeth chattered intensely, and it felt like ice was in her arms and legs due to fear and shock. The truck driver walked to about ten feet of Lisa as he raised the shotgun. Lisa said to herself, “Grandma, I tried,” and closed her eyes in anticipation of the shotgun blast. She heard a loud shot ring out and then she heard nothing, felt nothing. Within a few seconds, Lisa heard a sound. “Lisa, Lisa,” the voice called out as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She thought, “So thats what God’s voice sounds like.” She felt God was talking to her as she crossed into heaven. Lisa again heard her name and then felt the hand on her shoulder shaking her, attempting to regain her consciousness. Lisa was able to only open her right eye, as she suffered a big cut above her left eye, which was now swollen shut. Through her barely open right eye she saw the shine of a police officer’s badge. Her face made a slight smile which is all the pain would allow for,

as a tremendous sense of relief came over her. Paramedics arrived on scene and transported Lisa to the hospital. Lisa was rushed into surgery where doctors were able to remove broken glass, metal, and plastic from her abdomen, and more importantly, stop the internal bleeding. They also gave her one hundred and thirty three stitches to close her thigh wound. The next morning the on scene officer met with Lisa at the hospital. He explained the gunshot she heard was his, just prior to the crazed man about to pull the trigger of his shotgun. The officer further told Lisa the 911 dispatcher was able to track her through the GPS on her phone, and respond the closest officer to her location. Lisa said to the officer, “I am sure glad my phone didn’t drop the call.” Lisa’s mind immediately raced to the thought of when her phone dropped the call, unable to hear, “I love you too” from her mother right before she died. That old familiar feeling of sadness came over Lisa until a few minutes later, Lisa’s next door neighbor Mark, arrived in Lisa’s hospital room escorting her grandmother. Lisa’s face lit up and she had an overwhelming sense of happiness and love in seeing her grandmother, which she truly thought she would never do again. The police officer advised Lisa he went to her grandmother’s house last night and told Grandma about the incident. He also contacted neighbor Mark who kindly stayed with Lisa’s grandmother last night, and gladly agreed to care give until Lisa’s brother arrives in the afternoon from the east coast. The officer told Lisa he saw the bag of medications laying on the dirt hillside, and gave them to Lisa’s grandmother so she would have them and stay on schedule. Lisa could not thank the officer enough for saving her life and for making sure her grandmother was okay. She also asked the officer to thank the 911 dispatcher for staying on the line and coordinating the police response that saved her. The officer felt warm inside, knowing he did a great thing for a person he didn't even know. He smiled and replied, “Glad to help Lisa! Glad to help.” He continued, “Oh, I left the chicken and salad in the wilderness. It probably wasn’t worth saving, and I am sure a needy animal enjoyed the free meal.” The officer gave Lisa a smile. The officer turned towards the door to head out, and after a couple of steps turned back around. The officer said, “Oh, Lisa, I don’t know if this is important, but I found this envelope next to your car on the hillside. He pulled a small white envelope from inside his jacket pocket, and handed it to Lisa. Lisa’s eyebrows raised with a look of confusion as she didn’t remember having any envelope in her car. Lisa said, “Oh, okay, I don’t know exactly what it is, but thank you.” The officer said, “You’re quite welcome, get some rest,” as he left the room. Lisa’s grandmother said, “Yes, you should rest dear. Mark and I will visit you later.” After getting a kiss from Grandma and a hug from Mark, Lisa was alone in her room to rest. Lisa put her head on the pillow and almost fell asleep, but curiosity got the better of her. She sat up slightly and opened the envelope. Tears poured down her face as she read a note written on a small piece of paper, in handwriting that was unmistakable. Four words appeared, “I love you too!” Lisa smiled and looked through the window to the blue sky with a few puffy white clouds and whispered, “Thanks mom, I needed that!” Lisa continued smiling and drifted off to sleep

Two short stories - Janus Head