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TIME-CHASE by Bobby Asghar : Chapter 1

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BOBBY ASGHAR would have

BOBBY ASGHAR would have missed it if she hadn’t been expecting it. She initiated a programmed loop from the console and the ball vanished from sight. “Localised disruption effective,” she said. She tapped the side of her mask and a small visor slid up over her left eye. Tapping the bracelet at her wrist, she brought the surveillance feed up on the visor, and she secured the link via the console screen. Then she locked the input terminal with an encrypted code. “Mobile link secured,” she said, tapping the SCR console screen clear. She snatched the security pass from the dead enforcer’s chest, glanced at it on her way to the door; she didn’t recognise the name. She ran the pass over the lock’s sensor, the door slid open, and she passed through to the hallway. A black eyed giant was stood waiting for her, clad likewise, his raised gun covering the hallway to her right. Brown eyes was stood a distance to her left, his focus on the passage beyond the corner. The woman turned about as the door slid shut. She scrambled the lock with another card, then tested it with the enforcer’s pass. Satisfied with the result, she took a step back towards the giant, pulling a white plate from her pouch. “Set,” she said quietly, gripping the plate with both hands. Brown eyes turned to cover them and said, “Go.” The giant holstered his gun. Then he wrapped his meaty hands around the woman’s waist and lifted her off the floor. The woman pressed the plate to the ceiling. “Secure,” she said. The giant set her back down. Then they drew their 4

TIME-CHASE guns and joined brown eyes at the corner. “Vis-scan,” brown eyes said to the woman. She read the next passage’s surveillance on her visor; the live feeds were clear of personnel and the video loops were active. “Good to go,” she said. Taking point, brown eyes turned the corner, and he swept along the passage, picking up the white ball on his way. The giant kept pace close behind him. The woman turned to look back at the camera mounted on the far wall, beyond the SCR. She tapped at her bracelet; a red light lit up beneath the camera. She tapped again and the red light started blinking. Then she turned the corner, deactivating the previous passageway’s surveillance loop and restoring the live feeds via her bracelet as she raced after her companions. Their bleached garb merged with the ivory of the walls and tiling, augmenting their stealth beneath the incandescent glare of the hallway lighting. The woman set between them, brown eyes led while the black eyed giant brought up the rear, ever vigilant of the passage behind. Stopping at an intersection, they crouched low. Brown eyes turned to the woman as she tapped at her wrist. Reading the live feed on her visor, she raised a clenched fist: two blue uniforms and a white coat barred their path, halfway down the next corridor. Squat at the corner with gun in hand, brown eyes waited, his tension governed, his view fixed to the glacial calm of the woman’s eyes. The giant, by contrast, was restless, looking along the passage behind, scouring the closed doors, his gun raised to them. The technician stopped at a door, drew out his security pass, the two enforcers pulling up behind him. 5

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