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TIME-CHASE by Bobby Asghar : Chapter 1

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BOBBY ASGHAR The giant pulled closer to him and said, “See— trackers ain’t so tough.” Cage spat at him. “Now!” brown eyes said. The giant wiped the spittle from his face. Glowering, he pressed his gun barrel to the enforcer’s one good eye, smothering him in darkness, and said, “Time’s up, tracker.” “Go to hell!” “You first.” The enforcer roared. The giant silenced him with a muted clap of thunder, spraying blood and bone across the floor. “Chase me now, bitch,” the giant said, rising up. Then he turned and ran out after the others. Though they’d reached farther unseen than brown eyes had expected, they were far from done. The brunt of the security forces—nine floors up at ground level— would no doubt have realised that the surveillance network was compromised. Before long they would have company. He took brief consolation in the knowledge that there would be no more surprises hidden behind passage doors: with the alert raised, every room on the level was on lock down. “Readings,” he said. “Tracing emissions,” the woman said, tapping at her bracelet, navigating through the maze in her visor. Even through the distortion her voice was markedly frigid and smacked of composure. “Close,” she said, and she nodded her head right at the intersection ahead. “Kill the vis scan,” the giant said, all too aware that the active visual surveillance was restricting their pace. He felt like a rat in a maze, and the screaming alert only further elevated his already heightened tension. 10

TIME-CHASE Watching over his shoulder was beneath him: he was straight fight, not cloak-and-dagger; he hedged bets with brawn and backed them with ruthlessness. “Not yet,” brown eyes said: he needed surveillance feeds active. “Take point,” he said to the woman. The woman nodded. She looped the next passage’s feed. Then she turned into it, and the two men followed behind her. Blast-proof security doors barred their passage into the next hallway. “Last set,” the woman said, swiping a card over its sensor. The panel’s lamp glowed red and the doors held fast. She swiped again, got more of the same. “The enforcer’s card,” the giant said, breathless. She knew it wouldn’t work, but she tried it anyway. “Codes have changed,” she said. It hadn’t come as a complete surprise to brown eyes; he’d allocated a window for it, and tech was the reason the woman was with them. “Hack it,” he said. Then he turned to the giant and said, “Cover the passage.” The woman levered the face-plate off the sensor panel with her knife. Then she clipped a wired feed from her bracelet to the sensor’s exposed circuitry. Reading the feed on her visor, she worked on bypassing the lock’s security protocols. An icon flashed in the top corner of the screen. She dragged the symbol down, splitting the display in two, giving her a view of the hallway outside the surveillance control room; a security team was closing in on the door. “They’re at the SCR,” she said. The giant jerked his head to look back down the hall. “You know what to do,” brown eyes said to the 11

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