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TIME-CHASE by Bobby Asghar : Chapter 1

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BOBBY ASGHAR woman. She nodded at him. “Do it! Kill vis-scan. Keep this door open.” He turned to the giant and said, “With me.” The two men ran back along the passageway. The woman watched the enforcers gather outside the surveillance control room. Though she’d scrambled the door’s lock, their getting through it was only a matter of time, which was why she’d placed the explosive plate on the ceiling. Tapping at her bracelet she remotely detonated the charge, and the screen flash white, then to grey speckled snow, the walls about her shuddering to the force of the blast. She swiped and tapped to unpack the virus she’d implanted within the surveillance network. A moment later the vis-scan feed on her visor flashed to white noise. Then she swiped back to continue working on the door. “Report,” brown eyes said, buzzing in her ear. “Security neutralised, surveillance down,” she said. “The doors?” “Close.” She typed in a final coded sequence; the circuitry clicked, the panel flashed green, the bolts drew back, and the blast-doors parted. She tugged the wired feed free of her bracelet, and she squeezed between the doors as they opened up. “I’m through,” she said, drawing her gun. Slowing to a halt before the next intersection, she pressed her gun to her thigh grip. She crouched low and pushed a probe left beyond the wall’s edge, rolled it between her fingers for a better view through the flashing red. She saw the door at the far end of the passage, and the recessed array of sensory filamentcannons along the top of both walls. A single hit from 12

TIME-CHASE one would hurt like hell; a hallway full of them was a kill zone. The tiny black barrels targeted movement autonomously, collectively forming a virtually impregnable battery: a lone intruder targeting one would fall to the rest, and an assault force would hit a few but wouldn’t make it halfway down the hall. Recessed as the cannons were, even an explosive blast would fall far short of taking them all out. Their offensive security was superlative, but the device she’d had specifically designed to deal with the threat wasn’t run of the mill either. Fighting fire with fire, it was covered with micro-filament cannons of its own, far smaller than those which lined the passage, but sufficient for the task. She called it the RATT: remotely activated, its design was to trace oncoming fire and track it to its source. Once targeting lock was acquired, it would drop its shielding and fire a pulse at each of the cannons. She set the RATT down on the floor and controlled it via her bracelet and visor. A translucent dome spread over the RATT as it drove forward. Turning into the passageway, it was set upon by a hail of fire. Its lustrous shielding sparked its resistance to the intense bombardment as the RATT trundled deep into the kill-zone. Stopping halfway down the hall, it signalled target lock, and then the RATT erupted. The woman cautiously stepped along the passageway towards the blistered remains of the RATT, searching through the flashing haze for sight of an intact probe. A flash burst out, and she twisted to the impact at her left shoulder, her own fire blowing the last of the cannons out of the wall before it could get off a second shot. Though she seethed as she rolled her shoulder at the 13

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