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TIME-CHASE by Bobby Asghar : Chapter 1

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BOBBY ASGHAR sting beneath her protective vest, the RATT had done better than she’d expected. “Countermeasures neutralised,” she said, into her com link. She marched towards the reinforced security door at the end of the passageway. The knowledge that they’d be waiting for her on the other side didn’t faze her. She was ready for them, her path preordained from the outset, her faith in both herself divine providence unequivocal. The door was more steppingstone than barrier, as was that which lay beyond it: once through and in sight of her preliminary objective, she’d be that much closer to true gratification. “At gateway and holding,” she said, stopping at the door. Crouching low by the wall, his gun raised through flashing red, brown eyes waited for the giant to return: he ran off to plant a sensor-grenade around the corner at the far end of the passageway. He caught sight of the big man on his way back as the woman’s voice buzzed in his ear, saying she was in position at the gateway; they needed to get back to her. He set another sensorgrenade down on the floor at the base of the wall, and he waited for the giant to come up alongside him before activating it. A red light on the side of the explosive shell started flashing its countdown. Then the two men ran back to join the woman. The small bomb sat inconspicuous in the dim, intermittent wash of the alert, as the red light on its side blinked out for the final time. When the two men joined up with her, the woman was still working on the door’s lock. A distant blast shook the hallway. 14

TIME-CHASE “That’s one,” the giant said, breathless. “The code’s—” started brown eyes. “Changed,” the woman said, finishing for him. “Blow it,” the giant said, anxious. He twisted to look back through the haze. “No,” brown eyes said. The door wasn’t nearly as hefty as the blast-proof doors of the previous passageway but it was tough enough: the charge needed to take it out would likely take out what was behind it, sealing their fate. “Almost there,” the woman said. “Blow it,” the giant said again. “No!” brown eyes said, scolding the big man. The giant turned on him, his black eyes brimming with contempt. A second explosion rang out, shattering the tension between them. “Out of time,” brown eyes said, tense. “Keep them back,” he told the giant, pointing him to the far end of the passageway. The giant glared at brown eyes, airing his resentment before running off. “We need in now,” brown eyes told the woman. “Almost there,” the woman said again, “but once open I won’t have time to close it.” Brown eyes had already guessed as much. “Keep it tight and we won’t need to,” he told her. Still frowning beneath his hood, the giant peered through the blinking wash of the red alert, dust and smoke rising up to further dim the distance ahead of him. He crouched low, gun aimed at the heart of the thickening cloud. “Come get some,” he whispered, the uneasy silence stretching on. 15

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