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TIME-CHASE by Bobby Asghar : Chapter 1

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BOBBY ASGHAR A distant groan breached and faded. Then he heard movement, and he edged back to the corner, pulling a sensor grenade from his belt. “We got company,” he whispered into his com-link. He activated the grenade and bowled it underarm along the passageway before running back to re-join his companions. The grenade skipped across the floor and rolled deep into the dusty gloom. It trundled to a stop, and then the red light on its side blinked out. “I’m in,” the woman said. “They’re on us,” the giant said breathlessly, coming to a halt beside the woman. “How long?” brown eyes asked the giant. “You’ll hear,” the giant said, turning to cover their rear. An explosion rang out, its close proximity shaking debris down about them. “Blinders,” brown eyes said, pulling two stungrenades from his belt as he moved left of the door. He tossed one to the woman. “Set for a three count,” he said, letting the others know the burst duration. “On my mark.” The women drew right and pressed her back to the wall. The giant pulled in beside her. Brown eyes slid low and the woman mirrored him. “Go,” brown eyes said. The woman tapped at her bracelet, the door slid open, and they tossed the blinders in low, as a furious barrage of gunfire ripped out above them. They twisted away shielding their eyes, and the blinders erupted with such ferocity that they flashed the length of the passageway white. The light blinked out and the intruders stormed the room firing at the four stumbling shadows within. Hapless, hands pressed to scorched 16

TIME-CHASE eyes, they were ruthlessly mowed down, their execution merciless but for extinguishing their suffering. Batting her eyes at the dim light, the woman scanned the laboratory for further sign of movement. Finding none, she unclipped her pouch, and she tossed it to the giant as she ran to the island console. A self-destruct warning flashed across its screen, but it hadn’t been finalised: whoever initiated it hadn’t input the final digits of the activation sequence. “Where?” the giant said, anxiously scouring the vast room, unsure as to what to look for. “In there,” brown eyes said, pointing at the steelwalled cabinet on the left wall beyond the console. The giant ran over to. He wrenched its doors open, and his tense eyes softened at the sight of the metallic bracelets lining the top shelf. They weren’t his prize: just the means to his end, but they brought him that much closer to it. He plucked one off its mount. “We’re good,” he said, clipping the bracelet to his wrist. He tossed one to the woman, then another to brown eyes. Brown eyes snatched the bracelet in flight. He clipped it around his wrist as he pulled away from the console. “Time to go,” he said, nodding his head at the white-walled cubicle in the middle of the lab. The giant skipped over to the chamber and tapped the panel by the side of the door. It didn’t open. “No good,” he said, antsy, looking at the woman. “I’m on it,” she said. The console’s architecture was heavily encrypted; breaching it was taking longer than she’d anticipated. Brown eyes turned to the door, raised his gun: he thought he heard movement in the passage. “Cutting it 17

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