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TIME-CHASE by Bobby Asghar : Chapter 1

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BOBBY ASGHAR fine,” he

BOBBY ASGHAR fine,” he said, glancing at the woman. He’d known from the start that once in, there would be only one way out, and that it would be tight. For a man of his profession risk was par for the course, and a modicum of leeway allowed for room to manoeuvre, but on this undertaking he’d been allowed none at all. Though a paragon of self-reliance and accustomed to working alone, he’d infiltrated the facility as one of a trinity. First because he’d been instructed to, secondly because it was the only way he would see the mission through. Now finally in the lab, he was so close to fulfilling his primary parameters that he could taste it, but it was down to the woman now: his life, and the mission’s success, dangled from the tips her fingers. “This better fuckin’ work,” the giant said. “She’s good,” brown eyes said, snapping back at him. “They’re coming,” the giant said, glaring into the dim haze beyond the doorway. “Now,” the woman said. The giant tapped the sensor and the door slid open. The giant stepped in. Brown eyes ran to the cubicle and stopped at the door to look back at the woman. “Hurry,” he said, tense, glancing at the doorway: there would be no way to suppress the force which was closing in on them. “Programming to erase after activation,” the woman said, ears pricked to the dull clatter in the passageway. “Energising in three.” She pulled to the side of the console, stretched her hand to the screen, as the two men gripped the edge of the cubicle door to bar it from closing. “Now!” brown eyes said. She tapped at the screen and sprinted to the cubicle, 18

TIME-CHASE gunfire erupting from deep within the passageway. It tore past her front and back, close enough for her to hear it scorch the air. She launched off her feet, collided with brown eyes, and they fell together, the door clipping her heel as it rammed shut. Giving neither pause nor quarter, the strike force stormed the laboratory, guns blazing. The barrage hammered at the heavy plating of the cubicle walls, broke through, and tore on to burst out of the cubicles far side. The commander called for a ceasefire, his tension swelling to his scepticism. The intruders had a nine level head start, and he’d been blind without adequate surveillance. He signalled troopers to advance on the cubicle, and the battered cubicle door groaned its resistance to being levered open. The commander edged forward, his gun piercing the dense smoke within as he hoped against hope—the potential consequences of a successful portal breach didn’t bear thinking about—but to no avail: the intruders were gone. The commander turned about to look at the island console. It held the data Temporal would need to track the perpetrators down. He paused, frowning curiously at the red glimmer in the haze above the console. He stepped closer, and the smoke parted to show the red lights of the three sensor-grenades blink out for the last time. 19

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