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11 FEBRUARY 2018

11 FEBRUARY 2018 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS On this weekend, the Archdiocese of Toronto is highlighting the sacrament of marriage. Needless to say, in the past few decades, our understanding of Marriage has undergone a revolution. So then, what is the purpose of Marriage, in the eyes of the Church? The purpose of Marriage is to help each spouse get to heaven. We sometimes forget that Marriage also has, not only a sociological and legal status, but this heavenly status. It is incumbent upon each Catholic entering into the state of matrimony to know whether or not God has called him or her into marriage. Marriage is a vocation, which no one should undertake lightly. It has consequences for one’s salvation. Knowing that marriage has its challenges, a Catholic should be married in the Catholic Church. For through this sacrament, God gives to each spouse the grace needed to live out this marital state. I was married outside of the Catholic Church, is there anything I should do about this? Yes, there are some things you could do. First, if you’re receiving the Eucharist, stop until you’ve met with one of the priests to ascertain your eligibility to receive Holy Communion. (See 1650 & 2390 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church). Perhaps this might be for you a second union, for which you might have to undergo an annulment. Perhaps it might be your first marriage, and through invincible ignorance, you did not know that the Catholic Church required you to be married in the Church. You would have to undergo a “sacramentalization” of your marriage. This is an easy process. I just got engaged and my fiancé is not Catholic. Does he have to convert to the Catholic faith for me to be married in the Catholic Church? No your fiancé(e) does not have to convert to Catholicism for you to be married in the Church. We have a lot of mixed marriages in the Catholic Church. I’m in a live-in situation with my boyfriend/girlfriend. We don’t believe in getting married. Is there anything wrong or sinful about this? This situation is called fornication. It was Jesus Himself who stated that this is a sinful situation: “It is not what enters one’s mouth that defiles a person; but what comes out of the mouth is what defiles one. But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart and they defile. For from the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, blasphemy” (Mt15:11, 19). Likewise, we do not advocate “trial marriages.” Why does the Church put such importance in Marriage? Marriage was made by God in His Image and Likeness as it was reveled to us in the book of Genesis. With the incarnation of God, we got to see marriage in a clearer light. In marriage we undertake 4 vows (definition: life in all its dimensions). We give our life (our vow) [1]freely: “…have FINANCIAL UPDATE FOR JANUARY 2018 GOAL ACTUAL SUNDAY OFFERTORY $60,000 $58,787 MORTGAGE FUND $10,000 $7,665 BUILDING FUND $5,000 $4,469 DEBT OUTSTANDING $2,905,885 40 CANS FOR LENT A program designed to help fight hunger. During Lent, Catholics are asked to alleviate another’s misfortune and through the 40 Cans for Lent Program, your council can bring the joy of the Resurrection to those in need. HOW DOES IT WORK? Collect one can of food per day during the 40 days of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday, Feb 14 th and then one extra can per person on Easter Sunday. Drop off your cans any time throughout the Lenten season in the designated boxes in the church foyer and they will be distributed to those in need. WHAT FOOD IS MOST NEEDED? Pasta (canned or dry) Pasta Sauce Canned meat Canned fruit Canned vegetables Canned beans Canned Tuna Canned stews Baby food Baby Formula Whole grain cereals Peanut butter Soy, assorted nuts Soups WHO ARE YOU??? If you are using Offertory Envelope #1402 please call the parish office at 905-683-1403 ext. 103 to update your information. Questions and Answers Cont’d… you come here to enter into Marriage without coercion,…” [2] fully: “…and wholeheartedly?” [3] faithfully: “Are you prepared, as you follow the path of Marriage, to love and honour each other for as long as you both shall live?” [4] fruitfully: “Are you prepared to accept children lovingly from God and to bring them up according to law of Christ and His Church?” Why four vows only? Only 4 vows because this the manner in which Jesus loved His Spouse, the Church: freely, fully, faithfully and faithfully. The Church, in the lives of her saints, loves Jesus, the Divine Bridegroom, in the same four fold manner. Furthermore, God the Father and God the Son love each in the same four fold manner. The Love they share with each Other is the Holy Spirit.

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