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THE ETERNAL by Bobby Asghar : Chapter 1

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SHEETS, LIGHTS, LULLABIES The Christmas break of eighty-nine marked Lisa’s first away from home, and the pub, a brimming, student haunt, was the Swans a-Swimming to her Twelve Days of Christmas crawl list. It was a mammoth undertaking with but one stipulation: all were required to sing the corresponding verse of the cumulative song upon arrival at each consecutive bar. Seven pubs in, singing in synchrony, much less remembering the gift names and sequence, proved problematic, but that was the point of it—and there were five more to go! The pub annexing the street may well have been par for the course on a Saturday night, but it was bitterly cold out on the stoop—the eye-stinging, foot-stomping kind—and Lisa folded her arms tight to bar the chill. Dave had chocolate plates for eyes, ruffled brown hair, an infectious smile—he stepped down ahead of her— and a tight butt; she hadn’t followed him out for his conversation alone. Truth was, she thought she liked him from the moment she first saw him—all of fifteen minutes earlier—she could hardly hear him back in the 1

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