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English project homework prepared by Emre Akay.

3. Nizami Street Nizami

3. Nizami Street Nizami Street of Baku, which is almost in the head of New York's famous 5th Avenue, do not tell me to visit Baku without seeing it. 4. Baku Zoo The Baku Zoo performs important tasks such as protecting and increasing the rare and endangered animal species. There are warehouses and laboratories in Baku Zoo Garden to store the genes of common and rare and endangered animal species found in various parts of the world as well as in Azerbaijan's fauna. There are approximately 1,193 animals and 168 species in the hanavat garden.

5. Flame Towers Flame Towers is a building of 3 m above the 190 m high in the capital Baku. 6. City inland It is one of the oldest dwellings of the Middle East. The excavations show that people have settled into this region in the period of bronze. In December 2000, together with Şırvanşahlar Palace and Kız Kalesi, it entered into UNESCO World Heritage Sites.