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History The history of

History The history of Baku goes back to ancient times. The archaeological finds found in the abscission area prove that this place is an ancient place of life. Pirallahı, Zığ Lake, Şüvelan, Merdekan, Binegedi, Emircan and similar places in the 3-1'th thousand years before the archaeological materials were found in Milano. It is not known exactly when Baku city was founded. Some researchers have recorded Baku (Kankara), Albana, Baruka et al. . 5-7 in Baku. The Sasani treasury of centuries indicates that this place is the place to Baku Maiden Tower 0.2 live. 5-6. It is called Baku, Bagavan and Ates-i Bakvan in centuries. "Bakuye", "Bakuh", "Baku" in Russian sources, "Baka" in Russian sources, Safeviler is referred to as "Badukkube" in devout Persian sources.

Maiden's Tower (Baku) The Maiden's Tower is the most abundant and mysterious architectural abuse of Abşeron as well as Baku. The castle is a historical monument located in the southeast part of the old castle walls, near the coastal park. The unfinished historicalarchitectural problems of this rare tower-shaped abode are overwhelming. The height is 28 m, the diameter is 16.5 m on the first floor. The thickness of the first floor wall Maiden's Tower (Baku) 0.3 reaches 5 meters. The interior of the castle is divided into 8 pieces. Each floor is built with stones, covered with a domed ceiling. The castle began to operate as a museum in 1964 - in 2000 - it was released on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This ceiling is made of stone and has circular dents. The dial is in the vertical line direction. It is possible to see the floor of the first layer when looking at the circular edge of the VIII folding ceiling. The entrance to the fortress is on the western side of the entrance, with an arched door 2 m high and 1.1 m from the previous surface. One of the emblems of Azerbaijan, the Kiz Kalesi is described many times over Azerbaijan monasteries. In recent years, the tradition of making Nevruz