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Feast festivals has been

Feast festivals has been organized in Kız Kalesi and every year in the square around him. Construction There is no monument that can be compared with the Maiden's Tower in the history of architecture in terms of the fact that the discussions around the age of building are carried out in a surprisingly large time interval. There are experts who claim that the age of the monument began from the Sumerian period, as well as those who prove that it was built in the XII century. The time difference here is more than 3,000 years, not a few years, not even a few centuries, as it is in other strands of unknown construction date. Stamp of Azerbaijan 0.4 In an inscription on the fortress walls, these words were written in Arabic: "The tower of Mesut, the son of David". Some researchers speculate that feudal dominance is the building of this person's castle. However, it is possible to say that "the son of Davud, Mesut", is the architect who built the Maiden's Castle if it is taken into account that such names of the architects are generally mentioned in such lokanic inscriptions. Since the writing style and line of the book are close to the writing of the XII century, it is estimated that the girl's castle

was built during this period. On the other side, according to many scholars, the castle was built in this century because it was used in the X-XII centuries from the Kufic script. However, some scientists claim that these ideas are wrong. Since the stones were used in the harmony harmony solution - lime mixture, archaeologists such as İlyas Babayev and Siyah Ahmedov came to a definite conclusion. They are based on the first monument of the first millennium in Kebel. Since the monument was built with a mixture of lime like this, the Tower of the Girl belongs to the antiquity. Sara lady verified this idea. Medeniyyetd to The legend connected with the Maiden's Tower has been the subject of many poetry and theater plays in Azerbaijan. In the 1940s, the great composer Efrasiyab Bedelbeyli wrote the first Bačka Ball, the first Azerbaijani ballet on the motifs of this myth. The ballet was dramatized for the first time at Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. The Maiden's Tower has been described in the years 1992 - 2006 - 1 and 250 liras, 2006 - 10 liras and 5 kurus money notes. Every year since 2010, the International Maiden's Tower international art festival is held with the organization of the Haydar Aliyev Foundation, the Art K. Almaszade Gülyanaq and K. Batashov during Polat's role during the premier of the Maiden's Tower Ball 0.5