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Article on Voices of the Silenced (1)

Article on Voices of the Silenced

I’ve never written an article before, especially one like this. And for someone who is currently running to be Labour’s International Officer on the National Youth Committee, it is probably an odd thing for me to write about an LGBT issue taking place in the UK at the moment. However, as someone who is currently practicing “unwanted, addictive, homosexual practices,” I have a few fairly strong view on the film Voices of the Silenced.and the recent tribulations going on around it! From the fact this film both suffers from notable historical and scientific errors, to the religious extremist elements through to the fact it purely exists to shame LGBT people such as myself and to increase bigotry across the western world against LGBT people. Before I go into this too far, I will stress that I have not watched the whole film, nor do intend to go out of my way to do so. But when I saw an article on a certain news website the other day that a film promoting cures to homosexuality had it’s screen viewing cancelled at a London Cinema, my curiosity was of course slightly peaked. The next day when I saw it had seen protests over limiting free speech and attempts of censorship, curiosity had killed the cat and of course I had to take a look. What I was expecting to find was a film with a rather religious director which saw maybe a scene or two to do with conversion therapy, maybe even as a sub-plot line. But boy was I in for one hell of a shock. What awaited for me was a feature length documentary based on homosexuality, roman politics, pride and above all, say it with me, conversion therapy. For those of you who have been living in ignorant bliss, conversion therapy is when people (believe) that they can change the gender identity or sexual orientation of someone else. As I am yet to hear of anyone converting people to the gay agenda we can safely assume this is directed at the LGBT community. Now we’re all up to speed let’s cover what this wonderful masterpiece contains. The first 30 seconds goes on about the jewish slaves in vesuvius, relevant right? But then it says that the film attempts to compare those silenced few with the repressed people of the 21st century. For those of you who haven’t guessed, of course, the heavily discriminated against former-homosexuals by our pansexual society. You know? “The people under an imposed state orthodoxy which reaffirms the ancient idea of pansexuality.” Pansexuality is the idea that you don’t really care about the person’s gender or sex, just that they meet the standard of two arms two legs and some extra bits. Now why is this such a bad thing you ask? Because it allows the government to abuse our rights and “allows political control of our schools, courtroom and place of worship.” Yep, I am not kidding you, political control! I mean, last time I checked the government controlled two of those things, and the government in the western world by definition is political. So, either there is something they don’t agree with in government policy or they have an issue with the existence of schools and a rule of law. It also goes on to talk about the sexual ethics put to the hebrews and later the other Abrahamic religions and how we will “be the generation to reject its inheritance?” I mean apart from the clear logical jumps and stages missed, like why is it correct to begin with? And even then, where does it and why does it take a higher ethical standpoint than any other religion/ethical theory?

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