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Don’t worry, they have an answer for this, it gave us parliamentary democracy. This is a bit of a stretch, as democracies that are more parliament based than our own existed in both the Ancient Greek city states as well as across Northern Africa, Middle East, modern day Spain and Portugal during the islamic golden age backing in the 10-14th century. Now the film goes on to make the most obvious point and probably at the same time the most… interesting point for me through the entire thing. It says that “people have the right to walk out of sexual practices that they find hurtful. Their freedom needs to be defended. Professionals who help them need to be protected” Apart from being the next best slogan for people looking to protect sexual health workers in the NHS, this isn’t a nice warm fluffy piece, and I have a feeling you know where this is going, but those of you who think this leap in logic makes much more sense than the others, don’t panic, it’s coming. Because of course, the thing under threat obviously are Jewish and Christian therapists who specialise in the area of same sex attraction. Because clearly those lucky Islamic ones have it nice and easy, I mean the NHS is thinking of adding the Buddhist gay conversion therapists next to the leprecorn recovery ward. So, why is this the case? Because it’s the therapist who picks the goals and not the client, duh! Only this film can take homophobia, and make it seem more stupid an idea than it already is. But the bit you have all been waiting for, no not the hopeful heat-death of the universe to hopefully scrub this from time itself, but actual evidence, no I’m serious, evidence that actually follows the line of thought. “There is evidence some people can be helped; and experience transformation.” Now it has some interviews here and there throughout this with “experts” (I would use the term loosely judging by how well they have been stringing their arguments together so far) but now it goes on about how people are not born gay because they found 10 people who have been converted! I mean they have been across the entire length and width of the western world, and they managed to find ten.I am sure that they will say that there were more, but they wouldn't go on camera. But it does make you wonder, how many people who have professional degrees did they ask about this? It also makes you wonder, did they actually ask one gay person who had suffered through the morally degrading process that is the school changing room… I mean… gay conversion therapy? Because for every one person who is “cured”, there are men and women who are the exact same with degrading, damaging information flying around their mind. The best way I can explain this is armchair philosophy and armchair psychology. They repeat the same tests 100 times, and they will disregard the 99 and focus on the one, then claim that is science. Well technically it is, although its missing the PHYDO in front of it. Before my keyboard explodes into a puff of smoke, let’s move on. To something that will make anyone who has read the 10 commandments laugh. They ask the church to help the Christians and Jews who are doing this, and to not stamp out “the scriptures, the professionals and the public space.” because, clearly the church knows that gays just want everything, and will make everything private. I feel my Thatcher senses tingling here, you never know, she could have been one of those gays that, in her own words, “were cheated out of a brighter future.” What a lovely woman, also, as a devout christian, famous for taking things into public ownership… I

think. But do not worry you budding Sikh readers, “it’s not just Christians who find their way out of this unwanted, addictive, homosexual practices.” So of course, we all need to hold hands (in a totally non gay way) sing Kum Ba Yah and “reject the new orthodoxy that demands homosexuality needs to be celebrated.” I didn’t even know we had to celebrate it. I mean if you think we should scrap pride, and you don’t like it, I have got a solution, try not going. If you don’t want to celebrate it, don’t. That is the glory of being free. But by far the last interview it shows is the most bizzare. “It is incalculable what Europe owes to Christianity. It’s constant denial to an observer looks just astonishing.” Says Michael Nazir-Ali, the former bishop of Rochester. But he has a point, 400 years of feudalism, the massacres committed in their numerous empires, punishing different religions with death, the crusades, the troubles in Northern Ireland, the list is endless to prove that Christianity single-handedly gave us and the rest of the world freedom. I mean, what did the Mongols give us with their military organised by skill and not class right? Like I said, I have not seen the film and as the trailer has about as many holes in logic as cheese, I am in no rush to go watch it either. But on the 8th of February 2018, protests in London took place because the Cinema chain VUE, decided to not show this film, a film that from what I have seen appears to be a group of people, telling another group of people that they need to become more like them because a book says so. A book, may I remind you, that also is ok with slavery, stoning, bans the consumption of pigs and caused a genocide to babies in its production. Now, although I will not strip them of their right to claim this as censorship of the media, I am on the side of VUE. This film would have been open to the public, in VUE, while breaking their code of conduct. I mean, if they don’t show my favourite porno in there is that censorship? Of course not, it’s common sense, if you want to jack off, do it while mum and dad are out or go to a nightclub. If you want to show something that is based on fake science and is designed to accuse gay people of bigotry for not converting, then that’s borderline hate speech, and you shouldn’t expect a cinema to show that for you. If you want to watch the trailer, here it is: ​

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