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Identity Politics and Cultural Competence FINAL PROJECT ppt



CONCLUSIONS • This projects explores the topic of identity politics and the potential benefits to incorporating this movement into cultural competence curricula. • Identity politics and cultural competence are interconnected and share many of the same objectives. Combining these ideologies could help achieve greater cultural competence in education. Fundamentally, cultural competence in education is about making learning interesting and relevant across cultures and avoiding minimalizing the representation of minority groups and people. Identity politics empowers minority groups to take control of their representation and define their own stories. Learning about this movement can help teachers increase their cultural competence. • There is plenty of research on Education in general, and much of it does account for diversity and cultural competence. However, this needs to become more of a central focus in education, and research needs to be more closely scrutinized to avoid presenting misleading results. • Identity politics is slowly becoming a greater part of popular culture. Elements of the movement can be seen on the news, in internet memes and quizzes, in music, an in films and TV shows. It is causing many disagreements and problems, but that is not a reason it should be overlooked. You may not agree with the principles of the identity potitics movement, but it is worth educating yourself about if you want to be culturally competent in the classroom.

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