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Identity Politics and Cultural Competence FINAL PROJECT ppt


INTRODUCTION: Overview Identity Politics evaluates the relationship between power structures and social categorizations and examines the personal and political ramifications of identification with various social groups (Gutmann, 2004). Legal/Political View Personal/Social View Legal Access to Quality Education Based on Race Variations in Expression of Masculinity across Nationality

IN THE CLASSROOM Issues to Address in Education • Schools are complicit in producing the type of people they produce and reproducing social exclusions and inequalities (Youdell, 2011). • There are serious problems in schools with representation, both appropriate representation of minority groups in schools and problems with how diverse ethnic and religious group are represented in course materials (Crichlow, McCarthy, Dimitriadis, & Colby, 2005). • There are also issues with standardized testing and gifted and talented programs catering overwhelmingly to White, affluent children over underprivileged students (Mayer, 2008)

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