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Fables of Africa 5 Star

Fables of Africa 5 Star / 10 days LEARN MORE > > Dive straight into the storybook lands of Kenya and Tanzania and embrace the splendor of Mother Nature. This first-class ten-day tour immerses you in four of Africa’s finest wildlife parks. Get close to the Big Five in the Serengeti, walk alongside warriors at the Masai Mara, step into ancient craters at Ngorongoro, and witness wild elephants against the sparkle of Kilimanjaro at Amboseli. Make yourself comfortable in lavish tented camps; complete with plunge pools, gourmet suppers beneath the stars, and personal guides and vehicles. This is Africa in all her finery… Rare Encounters, Kenya 4 Star / 7 Days LEARN MORE >> Africa is a land of many mysteries; a place where man’s first footprints fell, where mountains soar, and where bright tribes live within the fierce heart of mother nature. This seven-day tour will take you by the hand and lead you deep into the lands of Kenya’s indigenous people. Walking with the Masai, learning of their culture, making captivating memories with the children, and witnessing the splendor of their day to day life – few have this privilege to be part of such a rare and wonderful world. Of course, there will still be plenty of wildlife encounters – trekking big cats, strange birds, and breathtaking sights. Our motto is to provide authentic, intimate, and ethical tours for those who truly want to experience Africa. On this four-star Rare Encounters tour, you will see that Africa is a place of fables, and there are so many stories worth celebrating….

Game and Glory Kenya 4 Star / 10 days LEARN MORE >> The drama of Kenya goes straight to the heart. This ten-day tour is all about immersing yourself in the beauty, grace and sometimes gory glory of Big Game. Yes, matriarchal elephant families, big cats rolling in golden grasses, a million dusty Wildebeest thundering across the plains, wide mouthed wallowing hippos, and more. From the shimmering sights of Amboseli, to the pink flush of flamingos at Lake Nakuru, and sundowners on the riverbanks of Samburu National Park, Kenya doesn’t get any more spectacular than this. Our boutique touch brings a familial warmth to your four-star Kenyan tour. We like to go that little bit further, with community connections, local guides, hot air balloon rides, and complete customizable charm. Because Kenya is always calling you home… Blue and Gold, Kenya 3 Star / 9 Days LEARN MORE >> From trekking through the bush to splashing in Mombasa’s gin colored waters – this nine-day tour captures the very best of both worlds. Starting at the soft shores of Lake Nakuru you can watch black and white rhinos charge thousands of pink feathered flamingos. The Masai Mara is the ultimate African cliché in the very best way – grasslands loaded with zebra, big cats and wildebeest – all fighting for survival. Finish with a few days on the vibrant and exciting coast of Mombasa- a cultural melting pot with a vivid local scene and postcard perfect beaches. Care, consideration and creative thinking ensures that your three star Beach and Bush tour is simply magical. We bring the sparkle to safari; with a completely customizable calendar, rare and refreshing places to stay, and private guides every step of the way. Explore Africa from every angle…

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