9 months ago

African Safari Guide Part1

Inspiration Safari Guide - Authentic, Intimate, Ethical

There is the simple, the

There is the simple, the soft, and the sublime when it comes to safari.

Divine Destinations to Dream About From East to South, the continent of Africa manages to capture both the richly grandiose and the glory of simplicity. We are keeping our eyes turned towards the east, the fabled Africa we yearn for in our dreams. The Africa where the Great Migration thunders across the plains, where the Masaai stand on tall legs wrapped in coral colored shawls, and where the turquoise and white islands are soaked in spice and come with a heady dose of hedonism. If the world is a painting, we don’t even consider East Africa to be the box of paints; instead it is the canvas from which the very visions of this great and beautiful life are sketched.