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African Safari Guide Part1

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Kenya Calling you Home

Kenya Calling you Home Acacia’s prickling the scorched orange grasslands, the shimmering heat rising, and the ancient threat of the Great Rift Valley – the very backbone of the world. Kenya isn’t the place you visit, it’s the place you come home too. The cradle of all things wild and wonderful, you can expect a world filled with rich colors, fascinating tribes, and an impeccable coastline for plunging, lounging, and purveying the pink frothy sky.

For wildlife, Kenya graces us with all the big five and some of the most stunning National Parks. The Masaai Mara ripples across the border with Tanzania and offers that sublime sea of grass view – studded with big cats and wild beasts. When the annual Great Migration takes place, the waves of wildebeest rise-up, turning this spot into one of nature’s most impressive events. The Amboseli Game Reserve gives us parchment paper landscapes, mighty elephant herds, wild savannahs and Sulphur springs bubbling beneath the big sky. The Sarara Singing Wells are awash with the cry of cats and the howls of wild dogs, and Great Rift Valley with its soda lakes will turn your world seashell pink with the sight of thousands of flamingos.