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African Safari Guide Part1

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Tanzania The Dance of

Tanzania The Dance of Life and Death Even the name rolls of the tongue with a slight buzz, Tanzania is the home of life both great and small, the delicate dance of first breaths and death, and the diamond capped splendor of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Serengeti is the spot that promises that poetry of golden plains and blue skies dotted with bright hot air balloons. Back down on the ground, and this is the front row cinema spot for witnessing the Great Migration, especially in the heart of the National Park.

There are many ancient fables sewn into the seams of Tanzania, the Ngorongoro Crater packs its own punch, with submerged hippos and herds of yin yang zebra. The Olduvai Gorge boasts footprints, fossils and early age tools from over two million years ago, and Lake Manyara is where the giants roam. Chimps swing from the trees in the charming parklands framing the Gombe Stream , and the thick forests and crater lakes of Arusha teem with the bright feathers of water birds and climbers ascending the razored ridges of Mount Meru .