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African Safari Guide Part1

Inspiration Safari Guide - Authentic, Intimate, Ethical

December to March

December to March Experience summer in the Serengeti, where the winds roll in soft and warm, and the rains come in short sporadic bursts to quickly cleanse the lands and leave again. The grasslands are stripped right back meaning that the sleeping big cats are easier to spot. The watering holes turn into bustling hives of social activity as elephants seek to cool their thick skin, and zebras and wildebeest congregate to drink. In Tanzania this is the time where new life bursts forth vividly into our world. You can witness long legged calves take their first stumbling steps. The main draw of the summer season is the chance to witness the wonder of the Great Migration. A time when millions of wildebeest make their journey to richer plains across the Serengeti, crossing the perilous plains where lions stalk the shadows. This is a time of drama and death, of new life and love. In Zanzibar it’s the time when the waters are clear and warm for sublime diving sessions, and for those looking to conquer the heights of Kilimanjaro - January and February offer warm temperature conditions for climbing.

April to June The long rains are coming, you can spend hours watching the skies flood and the colors bloom beneath the torrential skies. This is the green season, the usually gold grasslands suddenly burst with color, but the big game can be hard to spot. Shoulder season shouldn’t leave a bitter taste; the lodges and activities come at a lesser price and the crowds have all but dispersed leaving you to embrace the silvery landscapes of Africa alone. The southern and central Serengeti and the volcanic crater park of Ngorongoro still offers ripe pickings for gorgeous game viewing. The wildebeest are banding together to begin their journey on the open road once more.